Financial Aid Basics

  • How can I pay for college?

    When it comes to paying for school, you need to know your options. Don't make decisions without knowing how the process works! Otherwise, you may miss out on some help that could make your life a lot easier! There are many ways to pay for your college costs. Costs can include both direct costs and indirect costs, such as: Tuition Enrollment fees Books Housing Transportation Personal expenses Costs can also include expenses related to childcare or a disability. Get a clear sense of your anticipated costs, and then formulate a plan for paying for them. Put together a budget and explore all of the options available to you. You can pay for your college costs using your savings, help from family, earnings from working a full or part-time job, scholarships, or financial aid programs. There are also loan programs to consider, but these need to be repaid, so be prudent and borrow only what you need.

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